Carol Colyer
ASIN: B08883ZJ2S
Publisher: Services LLC
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Samantha Jones has experienced adventure only through the safety of her books. However, after her parents' sudden death, she has no choice but to travel to her brother's ranch; a dangerous journey that she has underestimated in every way. Unlike her books, things are incredibly real when faced head-on, especially when an outlaw gang attacks her train and makes her follow a stranger to the open road. Jasper is her only hope if she ever wants to arrive safe and sound to her brother's ranch. Is she truly safe, though, traveling with a complete stranger? When her feelings for him overwhelm her, will she stay sane and choose the path to happiness?Jasper Sherman is a mysterious man, full of dark secrets. Being at the right place at the wrong time, Jasper becomes Samantha's guardian angel and guides her down the perilous country roads. Throughout his whole life, he has been hiding his true ...
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