Patrick DiMarchi
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 318

★★★★★ - A MUST READ FOR THE WANDERLUST SOUL WITHIN!"An overly cautious traveler uses the skill of second languages to guide three rambunctious friends along a Central American road trip." I’m often asked what is this book about? I think only now have I figured out how to best summarize it. I’ll do my best to be brief. This is somewhat of a guys version on the whole hopeless romantic traveler abroad thing, except if his best friend was there to bust his balls the whole way, somewhat of a look at post-college midlife crisis’s, part reflections on foreign language and cultures abroad, throw in a touch of narrated annoyance, and you’ve got yourself a bit of what’s going on. If you read long enough you’ll also hear about this documentary that went wrong, how me and my friends met a foreign leader, and somewhere in there you’re bound to get an idea on what it’s like to drive with a group of ...
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