J.C. Diem
ASIN: B088D5N6X1
Publisher: Seize The Night Publishing Agency
Pages: 278

All hell breaks loose on Halloween when a powerful spell is cast and black magic sweeps across the US. Anyone who was wearing a costume is turned into the person or creature they were pretending to be. Evil clowns, pirates, shapeshifters, zombies and many other types of monsters run amok, preying on anyone who can’t fight back.Xiara Evora was just a normal girl with a normal name before the curse struck. Now she is a hunter of evil monsters and bad guys. It’s her job to save anyone who needs her help and she feels compelled to live up to her creed. She has a trusty staff called Wrath who can kill anything, whether it’s alive, dead or undead. The weapon is bound to her and he’s imbued with the soul of a grim reaper, which makes him sentient. Xiara and the rest of the hexed are drawn to Nox, the City of Night where the Immortal Triumvirate rules. The unholy trinity created the ...
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