Jessica Felty
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 40

HAVE A DIFFICULT TODDLER? THIS BOOK HELPS YOU DEVELOP EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES!Are there any parents who do not feel the utmost love for their child, but disappointment and frustration at the same time? Our beloved children test our emotions as they test boundaries all around them. They learn new skills every day, little by little, and they are ready and willing to use them. Parenting is the role of raising children and giving them the material and emotional treatment they need to develop their physical, mental, cognitive, and social capacities. If you are struggling with your toddler’s misbehaviors and feel lost and confused with what to do, this eBook will help you develop effective ways to respond to your toddler. If you want to learn more about effective parenting with toddlers and other strategies, this book will also be helpful.Disciplining children is one of parenting's most ...
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