Roy Thompson, Margrey Thompson
Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing
Pages: 230

Married for forty-one years, the Thompsons reflect over their child rearing and marriage experiences and have completed what their children’s psychiatrists long recommended. They’ve put into writing their story of faithfulness to each other, to their children and to God. Having adopted three apparently normal children, they discovered quickly the emotional, behavioral and educational challenges that faced Heather, Dylan and Molly. The Thompsons delineate the choices they made to solidify their marriage, choices of Trust, Commitment, Resilience, Health and Optimism. They worked to pass these values to their children as they matured.They share the conflicts experienced by their children in the school system, in the community and even within their immediate families where outsiders judge yet never know the depth of problems they faced. This is a story of love and commitment to each ...
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