Theophilus Monroe
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 202

The Voodoo Trials have been evoked. One student from each College will be called. Kalfu has taken a host. Lives have been lost. Most blame Annabelle.  If the Academy—and all of Vilokan—is going to stand against Kalfu they must find a way to unite. Headmistress Erzulie has evoked the Voodoo Trials. A new High Hougan or Mambo must be chosen to unite the Academy’s five colleges. But when Annabelle discovers the true purpose of the Trials she must make an impossible choice—either compete to win, and divide Vilokan further, or risk unleashing an evil that will destroy the Voodoo world from within.Death Rites is the third book in the Gates of Eden: The Voodoo Legacy series. Theophilus Monroe’s Annabelle Mulledy is a snarky badass heroine with attitude. Monroe draws on the legend and myth of Voodoo lore in a way that neither caricatures the arts as “demonic” nor glosses over the dark side of ...
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