Burnaby Hawkes
Publisher: Athena Book Tavern (May 11, 2020)
Pages: 434

Love, mystery, and intrigue erupt against the backdrop of a CIA operation in the Middle East and Southeast Asia."A knotty and satisfying tale of action, drama, and secrets." — Kirkus Reviews"Fans of superior post-Cold War spy fiction will be satisfied." — Publishers WeeklyWhen the CIA contacts Hector Kane after two years of tossing him out in the cold, Hector has to wonder why him of all the disgraced former employees of the Agency.Hector's life has never been the same ever since. His marriage to a smart and stunning Asian-Canadian nurse is near the end after the death of their only son. His teaching job at the American Institute for Middle Eastern Studies in Cairo is nowhere exciting as his intelligence career. Hector's heart and mind are still hung up on his exciting past as a spy.So when the CIA offers him one last chance, Hector doesn't hesitate.His mission is simple. As the Muslim ...
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3.5 stars from 26 ratings
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