Robert DeFinis
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 16

Book Description Help us defeat the “Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy CORONA MONSTER!” In this short children’s picture rhyming book, we learn the three most important steps for defeating the CORONA MONSTER! Wash your hands, cover your sneeze and cough, and practice social distancing! Sure the CORONA MONSTER seems a little frighting, but we have the ability to STOP him! Will you join us in the fight? Adults may be struggling with how to approach the COVID-19 pandemic with children. “How to Defeat the Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy CORONA MONSTER!” creates an opportunity to teach children that sometimes we need to tackle scary things with a plan and determination. Written primarily for toddlers and preschoolers, the book can be used to teach healthy habits, promote resilient behavior, and introduce contemporary topics. Written by Dr. Robert F. DeFinis, educator and coach, this book is ...
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