Sara Snow
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 154

I must have been CURSED from birth…...and that is becoming clearer with every passing day.My ankles are swollen from the chains around them, my tongue feels like sandpaper, and the dripping water in the jail cell beside mine is so close, yet so far away.For the first time in werewolf history, two wolves have the same mate. The same woman was blessed by their goddess to be their partner for eternity, and I’m that woman.Yeah, that’s not a blessing to me... It’s bad enough I’m a human and unworthy of being a wolf’s mate, but now I’m the mate to two rival wolves, two alphas-to-be.Xavier and I have grown close…...but Axel Grimmwolf, eye candy and a man no one dares stand against, is disgusted by the thought of a human being as his mate. But even so, he lacks the strength to reject me...So here I am, chained up in his dungeon, with no idea what Axel will do with me after he uses me to get rid ...
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