Alexis Ashlie
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 42

Angela: He rescued me like a true military hero he is, and after a makeout session that left me breathless, he asked me out on a date. But I am no model, and he can’t possibly want me. I better focus on school and success, and I better save him from a disappointing date that would lead nowhere. I better. No matter how much I want to say “yes”.Lincoln: If my fifteen-year military career has taught me anything, it is that I’m the last man standing, always, just like I’m always alone. Hunting wolves in my spare time is fine. Being a player is fine. But suddenly needing a woman who makes my nightmares go away? Weakness is not an option. I will not be tamed.A short steamy romance story, Needing Her will leave you breathless as you root for the hot alpha male and a curvy heroine to find their happily ever after.
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