William J. Goleman
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 168

★★★★★ If you really want to learn all the secrets of dark psychology, the art of reading people and how to influence human behavior with NLP tricks and mind control techniques, then keep reading… ★★★★★Wise people say that learning is a form of control. If that is the case, then understanding dark psychology can be compared to having superpowers. Studying dark psychology is usually a difficult errand. Like the majority of humanity's most exceptional privileged insights, mental information is covered profoundly inside the pages of thick diaries and kept out of the detection of most people. To clarify this amazing data into a helpful structure would entail a person to dig through innumerable books and diaries, endeavoring to isolate the valuable information from the pointless.This book is the ultimate guide on Persuasion skills, Manipulation, and Body Language.What you’ll learn will change ...
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