Brynn Hale
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 68

He's put his life on hold. She's put his memory behind her. But when he comes back from the dead, can their love be resurrected, too?MurphyFive years ago, I died. At least that's what my family thinks. That's what Luna Malone thinks and maybe it's for the best.Murphy isn't my real name- it's a code, a moniker. As part of the Red Star Rebels when I go into a country or situation, I need to remain nameless.Now my contract is up and I have to make a decision, sign up for another five years and stay gone or reappear like a ghost and move on with my life.But has she moved on without me?LunaI was fine. I was moving on. And then I think I see him at the bookstore. And then at the coffeehouse. And then...across the street.I'm not going crazy. But seeing a ghost isn't normal for me.And when I reach out and touch the ghost and he's real, I'm not freaked out--I'm storming mad!He's getting all of ...
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