Zoe Dawn
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 246

Dill Best has a wedding to plan, a family business to save, and no time for straight guys with hard muscles and soft kisses.Dill:I’m fed up with the Walker family. It seems like everyone has their own agenda for this high-budget wedding that’s supposed to catapult our family business to the next level. And then I find out my one-night fling was the best man, Griff Walker. The groom’s brother. Who’s not out. And we’re stuck together with his simmering gaze and wandering hands… all week long.The Best family’s first rule? Don’t get involved with the wedding party. But I can’t keep my eyes—or hands—off him.Griff:I hate being back in town. I ran to Arizona to get away from these small-minded, big-spending bigots. I only came back for the bride’s sake; my sister-in-law is the closest to real family I’ve got. I want to protect sassy little Dill from the rest of my ...
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