Barbara Nolan
ASIN: B0893GV21C
Publisher: Barbara Nolan
Pages: 254

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you are two lost souls headed for disaster in a world Beyond Remorse.Cobra, the president of the Las Vegas Serpents MC, doesn’t have time for distractions as he struggles to look after his handicapped brother, Danny, while keeping him far away from the MC world. An old agreement with a greedy mob boss, helped pay for Danny’s care, but dealing with the devil could put Cobra and The Serpents in jeopardy.Sheena, the savvy, card hustler, is determined to go straight. Not so easy when the rent is due and your dinner is a bowl of cereal. Or when the same mobster holds secrets over your head, and refuses to set you free. A biker wedding of mutual friends throws these two rebels together. Cobra knows peeling back Sheena’s layers could be his biggest remorse, and Sheena knows the bad-boy biker with the crystal blue eyes could easily unravel her world ...
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