Brian Anderson
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Are You Guilty of One of These 12 Financial Sins That Could Be Killing Your Credit Score?Can you honestly say that you are a financially responsible person?Do you always pay your bills on time?How many credit cards do you possess?How often do you max out your credit cards?What is your debt to income ratio?Do you even know which factors affect your credit score?There’s no need to feel ashamed about a negative answer. Many people are in the same boat as you and they have whatsoever no idea how their financial health is determined.Here are some of the key essentials you should know:There are 5 major factors that can make or break your credit scoreYou can control most of thoseYour credit score can affect many aspects of life, apart from your ability to borrow money. Your chance to get a wonderful new job could be compromised and so can your ability to buy a homeMore than 29% of all ...
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