Hammer Trollkin
ASIN: B089587LJV
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 364

Battle for Earth is an imaginative mix of Sci-fi and Fantasy with plenty of action. Earth has been invaded by alien monsters.A nightmare alien invader. An oddball special operation team with whom you will fall in love. A rousing adventure full of twists and turns. Come explore the worlds of Hammer Trollkin in the Shockwave series.The world was in crisis even before the invasion. Pressure from within, pressure from without; civil wars and the clash of entire civilizations.Then the aliens invaded and changed everything. And some of the changes were for the good.The force behind the invasion has overwhelming technological superiority. But we are an unusual people, practiced in the art of war. Humanity even holds a few technological advantages of our own.One such advantage is a special forces team with the squad name, Shockwave. In destroying a DARPA lab, the enemy introduced an unintended ...
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