Jordan McMakin
ASIN: B08999DB2J
Publisher: Canterwine Press
Pages: 342

The Kingdoms of Trestlewen have feared the exiled magic people known as Chaηts for centuries. 16-year-old Prince Aylan and his brother Ezrick are their next victims. And it will cost them far more than their lives. When Ezrick is nearly killed in a vicious Chaηt attack on their kingdom, the estranged brothers are forced to confront their issues with each other, forging a volatile bond between love and pain. What follows is an intense coming-of-age wrought with rule‑breaking, forbidden friendships, and romance straying dangerously out of bounds. Darkness is falling. Chaηt war is on the horizon, and secrets of the brothers’ past have returned to haunt them. Soon a troubling discovery has them lying to their own court, for reasons behind the attack are far graver than the courtiers believe. Ezrick and Aylan are more alone than ever, and it’s only a matter of time before everything goes ...
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