Doug Weller
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 138

A new collection of over five hundred original stories, each one exactly six words long. Some stories are funny, some poetic, some vulgar, and some are a little disturbing.Each story has been lovingly crafted to amuse and entertain you in six words.Doug Weller’s Six Word Wonder is a social media sensation, with over 10,000 followers on Instagram.Now, for the first time, Doug brings his best tiny stories together in one collection.*Unlocking the cage, she stepped out.*Cupid. Tomorrow, aim for his head.*Home alone, but toilet just flushed.*Baby loves whining. Mother loves wine.*...reader. I am a gifted mind...*I poured two glasses... then remembered.Take a moment out of your hectic schedule to enjoy these Six Word Wonders. Click the Look Inside icon at the top left to sample more original stories. You'll find humour and joy, sadness and misery. Genres ranging from Horror and Thriller to ...
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