Sencha Skeete
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 102

WARNING: This book is a the first in a Dark Romance series. It has explicit content and situations that may be triggering to some readers.Ebony and Max have nothing in common on the surface. He's 30, she's 19; he's white, she's black; he's rich and she's in need of money. But each of them has something the other needs, and they've come to the usual agreement.But neither one is only what they seem, and there's a passion between them that's getting out of hand. One wild weekend will shatter a host of taboos and be the beginning of a life-changing entanglement. But where will it end?An inexperienced heroine, a jaded hero--what could go wrong?Mature themes. Expect lots of cussing and lots of smexy times. Part 1 of An Arrangement. Ivory (An Arrangement Part II) is available now.
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