Elle Woods
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 128

After all, what’s so bad about pretending to be his fiancé for a few business dinners?What’s the worst that could happen?Dylan St. James has ambition and his dream is within his grasp. The only thing keeping him from the promotion he deserves and the job of his dreams is his old fashioned boss. The man wants a family man to take over the company. Dylan doesn’t even have a girlfriend, let alone a family. After all, who has time for that when climbing the corporate ladder? He is nothing if not resilient, though, and the tenant in the rental property he owns may just be the answer.Sarah is an artist with a problem. She hasn’t sold a painting in months and the financial strain is mounting. When her HOT landlord offers to wave her rent and cover her bills, it seems too good to be true.If you are ready for a hot and funny romantic comedy scroll up to the top and grab your copy of Elle Woods ...
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