Suzanne Jenkins
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 192

What happens to their secrets when five friends who attend the University of Chicago move in together? You'll find out in this prequel to the Girls in the City Series. Alison Saint decided she couldn’t tolerate dorm life any longer and rented a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. She’s invited three friends to share the space in this introduction to the Girls in the City series. Edwin shows up later when Laura moves out. Edwin is just a random guy from school, but he soon falls in love with Alison who’s keeping a secret from her family, and once hers is out, he’ll be free to share his feelings. But he also has a secret he’s been carrying around since he was a teen. Laura, a criminal justice major, makes ends meet by taking cash from the guys she dates. Then, she finally learns who her birth father is and moves to Manhattan after college graduation to search for ...
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