Lizzie Lewis
Publisher: White Tree Publiishing
Pages: 140

It’s late February and the area is experiencing an unexpected cold snap with snow. Liam, Steve Donovan’s eight-year-old son, is staying with Abi while Steve and Melanie are on their honeymoon.Abi is concerned when single mum Bethany reports a man wearing a long raincoat, hanging around the local play area taking photographs. Bethany is afraid that her father and disagreeable Aunt Erica have sent him to spy on her, with a view to snatching baby Freddie. Abi thinks there are two men watching. Why two?Young Liam is clearly upset by all the changes in his life, and Abi tries to win his confidence with jam donuts. Abi warns Liam and his friends to keep away from the deep pond in the woods, because the ice is too thin to walk on. But Liam is on the hunt for Bigfoot, convinced he lives somewhere amongst the trees.Bethany’s friendship with Harry the builder seems to be turning into a ...
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