Giannis Athanasiou
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 78

During these difficult times, people's struggle to find a fulfilling career has increased the incidence of mental health problems.NOT anymore!Do you feel overwhelmed in your current occupation? Have you changed jobs, but have yet to find fulfillment? Would you like to settle down in a career you would love for life? "Talent Unlocked" shows you the path to the career of your dreams.This simple but detailed guide will help you change careers and land a job tailored to you. Amongst many things, "Talent Unlocked" teaches:How everyone in the world possesses talents according to the theory of multiple intelligencesHow to avoid common misconceptions, which hinder your efforts to discover your talentsHow to discover your talents by implementing the 4 principles of talent identificationHow to cultivate and grow your talents to make a successful career changeHow to maximize your ...
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