Zen King
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 221

The novel tries to answer the question if you can find true love before you find yourself. It does this through the story of a young man, who travels the world in search of true love. He meets three women on this journey; each as different from the other as can be but something connects them. Each of them gives him a glimpse of this “something”. He hungers for the rest of it, though he doesn’t himself know what it is. His relentless pursuit of this “something” becomes so much of an obsession that he breaks too many rules on the way and ends up earning the wrath of karma, the immortal and relentless collector of soul-debt.And to think that ironically the name of the young man in the story also happens to be Karma; his mother named him Karma, her good Karma. But little did she know how tangled up the threads of his subconscious were. Still, untangle them he must, but mucking about with ...
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