Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana
ASIN: B089RM19R1
Publisher: T.C.E.C Publishers UK
Pages: 240

Behind every struggling child is a struggling parent. Stop guessing your way through parenting and start knowing. After disciplining your child or telling them off, do you often question if you’re handling the situation in the best way possible? Is your child acting out or struggling in school, yet you have no idea where to begin or what to change to help them? Do you want to provide your child with the best resources and skills for when they grow up and become adults, allowing them to navigate the world on their own? Parenting can be considered an art in itself. What works with your child and what doesn’t sometimes boils down to just trying an approach and seeing what happens. In other words, trial and error… The issue with this is that you may be doing your child more harm than good--their childhood isn’t your experiment. Rather than blindly groping for answers in the dark, take on a ...
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