Patricia Doyle
Publisher: Hummingbird House Publishing
Pages: 203

She was a non-believer until she barely escaped death. Now she holds the answers to some of the world’s oldest questions.Patricia Doyle never expected to be transformed. But when the agnostic survived a near-death experience, she was greeted by God and found unshakable faith in His presence. Now convinced of His undeniable existence, she discovered rock-solid evidence of the Second Coming through hidden spirit-to-mortal written communications (psicographica) from Jesus.Determined to validate the extraordinary revelation, she dedicated decades to the painstaking research of Jesus’s writings that were received by a humble Washington, D.C. attorney. And though her findings are still resisted by dogmatic, close-minded fundamentalists, what she uncovered proved the indisputable truth.In this groundbreaking account backed by shocking proof and astonishing realizations, Doyle brings to light ...
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