Daniel Weisbeck
Publisher: DJW Books
Pages: 172

A deadly virus forces humanity to run genetic experiment with human and animal DNA to survive. ‘This is such a smart, well-written SciFi/dystopian thriller—with heart!’ DeeDee, Amazon 5 Stars‘A brisk SF novel with a richly described setting…the vivid atmosphere is the book’s greatest asset and should please SF fans.’ Kirkus‘A thought-provoking, heart-palpitating dystopian adventure’ IndieReaderIn a dark future, a deadly virus returns after a global pandemic.The Sanctuary of Americas has been running genetic experiments with human animal hybrids looking for immunity. When the virus mutates, both human and hybrid are suddenly at risk. Doctor Mercy Perching may have a cure.Caught in an internal war between human and hybrid, she must choose a side.The future face of humanity hangs on her next move.♥ For speculative Sci-Fi readers who like Brave New World, 1984, and books by A.G. Riddle and ...
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4.5 stars from 126 ratings
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