Julio Gonzalez
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Pages: 416

Any great nation must be prepared to handle a foreseeable crisis.  Any great nation must have the ability to continue to operate independently of other nations.The events stemming from the Wuhan pandemic are truly unprecedented.  No segment of society has been left untouched.The war against COVID-19 in the U.S. was something no one could have imagined, nor could anyone have predicted the incredible toll it would take on Americans and their way of life.Throughout history, America has shown time and time again, that we are resilient, resourceful and resistant.  We will not go down without the fight of our lives.This current fight has left us with numerous insights regarding virology, physiology, medicine, epidemiology, as well as international relations, national vulnerabilities, ethics, resource allocation and population management.Dr. Julio Gonzalez, an orthopedic surgeon, lawyer ...
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