Jennifer Austin
Publisher: Far Away Stories
Pages: 342

“What if…” I stop to breathe as everyone’s attention turns to me. “What if she’s not from Biack?” Jessica Durand doesn't belong on EarthElla Day, the first princess of a mirror Earth known as Biack, is struggling to deal with mounting pressures while living in the spotlight.Jessica Durand, a teenage girl on Earth, has felt out of place her whole life but sought comfort in her regular dreams of Ella's life.But when Jess's life falls apart around her she ends up trapped on Biack, a world she isn't ready to accept is real, only to discover the world isn't ready to accept she's real either.“Please. I need answers.” So do I. “Where are you from?”She wants answers, but I only have one. The words fall easily. “Far away.”We sit in silence for several minutes before she gets up and leaves. I didn’t even get to ask for a cup of tea.What readers are saying:"I absolutely fell in love with all the ...
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