Matthew Priester
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 71

During the Summer of 2014 the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, commonly known to the Western world as ISIS, dominated world news headlines. This fanatical group of hardened fighters had arisen, seemingly out of nowhere and swept through much of Eastern Syria and Western Iraq in a lightening advance. From the suburbs of Baghdad to the outskirts of Aleppo, this brutal terror syndicate had founded a proto-state, a so-called Caliphate that showed no signs of halting its expansion. In attempting to cleanse their northern border with Turkey, the terror group took a detour to wipe out a Kurdish militia known as the YPG or People's Protection Units in the city of Kobani. Though the small town of 50,000 may have promised an easy victory, it became a rock upon which the Caliphate broke itself on. From September of 2014 to January of 2015, approximately 2,000 Kurdish YPG militia and their ...
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