Diana Nixon
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 223

COME AND GET THIS BACHELOR ON SALE BEFORE HE'S SOLD!My name is Madison Hall and I am the most popular marriage broker in New York. I know everything about the most wanted bachelors and I will sell their every dark secret to help you make one of them yours forever.But this story isn't about me.It's about two people who never wanted to get in a serious relationship, not to mention with each other.The morning Cole Griffin finds a beautiful stranger in his bedroom, his far-from-fun-and-anything-romantic life turns into disaster.And so does Harlee's.Who would have thought that renting a house would end up with a non-stop fight with its owner?Every new day will become a challenge to live through. But Cole and Harlee never give up easily. If they start a fire, they will burn down everything in their way to get what they both desire.Which in this particular case, might also become the desire to ...
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