Jenetta James
Publisher: Quills & Quartos Publishing
Pages: 304

“I would give myself to you one hundred times over, even if I knew I would lose you, even if there was no hope. What we have is worth any storm.”IN 1859, MISS KITTY CATHCART is young and in love—with the wrong man. Her father, a wealthy industrialist, has firm plans for her future, and intends to see that his spirited daughter follows through with them, willingly or not. Tension builds and passions flare, and by the end of a hot summer’s night, three people have gone missing and the work of a rising novelist has been abruptly stopped. A reputation is in ruins and a fortune will be lost.ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS LATER, the bones of a young woman are unearthed in the garden of the Cavendish house on the edge of Hyde Park. Josie Minton cannot help but wonder over the fate of the young woman. As she and the handsome owner of the house begin to investigate, a long-buried tale of love ...
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