Asher Sharol
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 279

The ringed world of the Triskai is only one timely incantation away from the dark underworld where the damned demons and elementals lust to reduce the world to blood and bones. But despite the sorcery beyond the thin veil, the residents of the Triskai remain clueless about the plot to displace them. SAM is a student of Candentis Academy who has lost yet another family member under mysterious circumstances. He discovers that the death of his family members isn’t a coincidence, and something vile and ancient is hunting him and his four friends.TONY is a science whiz at Candentis Academy. But he cannot seem to understand the connection his supposed friend is having with his girlfriend, Parris. Matters come to a magical boil on the night of the Hookery—an annual party held for the year’s graduating class— setting into motion a fate that is bound for tragedy and heartbreak.Parris is in ...
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