John Weiler
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 134

Wow website visitors. Prove you’re an influencer. Convert like crazy.Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, winning trust online can be a colossal feat. How can you prove your expertise when you’re just starting out or have only been in business a few years? You may feel like a nobody online. Website bounces are your norm. Your online sales suck. And your hosting, email and other website fees eat away at your savings and soul. You feel hopeless...when all you want is to see the business of your dreams succeed. Becoming an influencer and growing a profitable website seems like a moonshot. But it isn’t.You can rise to influencer status this year. You can wow browsers with eye-popping credibility that has them begging to punch in their credit card details. And you can do this in six months or less—and possibly even in weeks. Whether you’re aware of it or ...
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