Brooke Skipstone
Publisher: Skipstone Publishing
Pages: 268

1st Place Pencraft Award in YA Fantasy/Sci-FiReaders'Favorite Book Award Winner -- Young Adult ThrillerIAN Book of the Year Finalist -- Young AdultLiterary Titan Silver Award  "No matter how hard it gets, there's always a version of you who can fight a little longer."Laney's world collapsed when she caught her dad cheating. He begged her not to tell, but she did. Her family fell apart and regret consumes her, especially when she learns every decision she makes spawns a new universe for the opposite choice.If only she could skip sideways to the Laney who didn't tell.But her only escape is through her imagination, until a news story blurs the lines between worlds. Two girls were murdered at the same time and same place as her father's adulterous act. Strange events lead Laney to believe their bones are connected to her and the sister she always wanted.Laney now has another decision to ...
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