Vicky Kaderbhai
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 29

The Maid of Honour is the first in The Wedding Party series of short stories. Amy is excited to be the maid of honour at best friend Becca's wedding. After all, this is going to be the last wedding that the group of friends who met at university, will be attending together for a while. With everyone else married, that leaves Amy and best man Will as the only two singles left. Not that this matters to Amy, she has more important things on her mind. She is successful in the rest of her life and doesn't need a relationship to mess that up. However, in the past Amy and Will have found themselves coming together at the end of their friends' weddings, when everyone else has gone home. But with this being the last of the weddings, Will wants to know what this means for them. With Amy aware of Will's desire to talk about the future she'll do anything to avoid having this tricky conversation. ...
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