Ella Edon
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 405

He broke her heart once… Now he is getting married to her sister!?Charlotte, the modest, book-lover brunette daughter of Earl Warwick, was definitely the ugly duckling in her bombshell-dominated family. When the gentleman of her dreams is issued to wed her older sister, Charlotte is truly devastated. Getting caught with him in a compromising position may be a devious way to prevent their marriage, but surely it was all an accident. Or was it not?With a preference for blondes, Kenneth Blackmore, Duke of Rutherford, could have any lady he wanted begging on her knees. Many a woman has cried for him, but only a plain-looking brunette that Kenneth truly cared for. Even if that meant staying away from her forever…Now intended for a loveless union with Charlotte’s sister, Kenneth no longer has to fear for his family’s curse. But when fate’s wicked games condemn him to marry Charlotte ...
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