L M Whitaker
Publisher: L M Whitaker
Pages: 342

An orphan’s dream turns to nightmare when she discovers her family, a secret society on a disturbing and deadly mission. Winner - Best Techno-Thriller - 2021 American Fiction AwardsWinner - Best Thriller/Horror - 2021 Florida Authors and Publishers AssociationTech security consultant Georgia Steele is as sharp as they come. Though despite her undeniable talents and willingness to flout the law, she has yet to uncover the cryptic origin of her biological bloodline. But when a younger near-twin approaches Georgia out of the blue with startling insights, she learns the answers she craves could lie with their criminally insane geneticist godfather.Evading an FBI agent on her tail, Georgia travels to New York and Honduras to track down the men she believes know the truth. But after uncovering a cruel purification plan, she’s terrified to discover a shocking personal connection with the very ...
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4.5 stars from 105 ratings
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