Aedan Sayla
Publisher: Origins of Love Company
Pages: 96

War has come and gone. In the span of only half a day almost two hundred million people have been wiped from existence. Only one vestige of a past that many wished to extinguish entirely remains, The Ark of Wanel. The pride of its nation, a nation now burnt to brick even as the ashes of its citizenry and forests float about on the breeze. What can be done when the world at large would rather cover over a genocide, then uncover the plot to eliminate an entire people? For the survivors manning the last ship in the fleet there can only be one goal - survive. Live to see another day so that one day, when time has fulfilled its test of past misdeeds done a new generation resurgent in the ways of the old beliefs can once more return to exact the justice that their forefathers were denied.There’s only one glaring problem though for the man left in charge of one nation’s last hope of manifest ...
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