Savas Mounjid
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 172

Deep into the dark rabbit hole of crime and hacking, everything can get taken away from you. Even when Lucca was young, he never really felt like he was like other kids. He was a lone wolf—a brilliant, reclusive boy. Lucca possessed a gifted mind. Excelling was as normal as a sunny morning in Lyon, France. His pure talent and stellar skills drew people towards him like a moth to a flame. Lucca didn’t care for it, inadvertently pushing away everyone who got too close.As a bespectacled recluse, Lucca’s greatest pet-peeve was fun and friendships. As an ambitious nerd, his greatest fear was being unchallenged. Yet his easy-going life changed when he moved to America. Even the smartest of us let our guards down when money and power is on the line.The Broken Lift is a nail-biting story of a boy wonder pursuing a treacherous path in the dark world of hacking.One misstep changes Lucca’s ...
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