Catherine Tramell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 45

A reluctant billionaire doctor.An eager tantric masseuse.A curious but willing virgin.What web of romance will they create? Sold to bear the heir of a billionaire doctor, Mercedes Roces found herself in a web of a beautiful threesome romance. The young and curious virgin developed an attraction to Robert Lauren and became his willing slave and baby maker.Robert was not satisfied by Mercedes’s inexperience as a lover. He wanted her to become as satisfying as Katarina Patel, the tantric masseuse who he loved for a long time. His remedy was to have Katarina teach Mercedes and to turn her into his new Katarina.When Mercedes met Katarina, her notion of romance shook. She wanted to love Robert, but her heart strangely felt something different for Katarina. She wanted her as much as she wanted Robert. Both Katarina and Robert also showered her with pleasure, she became a fool for. In this ...
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