A.E. Currie
Publisher: WorkingProgram Ltd
Pages: 273

The rogue state of ManX wants to rejoin WorldGov, but why have they kept themselves hidden since the Hot Summer? The secret they are about to reveal will threaten all Earth. Meanwhile aboard WorldGov spaceship The Sun Tzu, Lee and Nemo are cut off from the Panopticon on the eight month voyage to Mars. Lee has been warned they are in danger, but from who? Why are a sinister technocult so interested in their mission? Most importantly, what happened to the last craft that left for the Red Planet - the ghost ship Bismarck? Dystopia X is the fourth novel in the popular Panopticon Series.Praise for the earlier books in the Panopticon series:“Loved it”“Full of innovative and thought-provoking ideas. Story was engaging and fast-paced”“all too believable picture of one possible (probable?) future”“a page-turning thriller, and shot through with mordant humour”“Philosophical and ...
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