Namhar Brahman
Publisher: Art-Island
Pages: 193

Ana, an accidental traveler to a magical world, now has a friend, but the two of them are wanted acrossthe whole country and chased by the ruthless Guard. Asp the Serpent has grown stronger, but is hestrong enough to keep Ana safe and bring her home, into the arms of her desperate mother? It is not only her loving mother awaiting Ana at home. The boy who once stood on a railroad platform, frozen with fear from the oncoming steel monster, now has everything he needs to complete his abominable plan. Everything except Ana.  In The Concerto for Asp and the Creali Orchestra. Part II: Adagio, the second installment of Namhar Brahman’s novel, the protagonists will travel across Crealia, meeting more of its fairy-and-scary dwellers, as well as dive into the depths of their own memories, encountering things even more dreadful and amazing. Read to discover what you would never have imagined! The ...
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