Edmond Geanta
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 282

Thirteen ordinary Angelenos desperately seek to survive the horrors and destruction of a bloody zombie apocalypse and reluctantly embark on a quest to reach the safety of a bunker in Fort Collins, Colorado.Zoe Beauchamp, a strong-willed woman, takes the helm and leads the group through a white-knuckle race through the zombie infestation, only to be shockingly confronted with the most exhilarating conundrum of her life in a mind-blowing living dead adventure with a Deja Vu-like twist.As a result of a global infection, blood-craving zombies crawl from the cracks and crannies of crumbling cities, crippling the crew’s chances to complete their quest.  This is a zombie book about human survival in a post-apocalyptic world where the walking dead dispatch death and terror with impunity. The power of the human spirit illuminates the dark path of hell on earth and in the end emerges victorious ...
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4.5 stars from 23 ratings
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