Max Walker
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 324

DUSTY GOLDCollege is weird. One second you’re studying for a huge exam in integrated physics and the next you’re secretly drooling over the sexy rugby player living in the dorm next door.The second after that, you’re sharing a bed with that same Insta-famous jock, staring up at the ceiling and wondering what in gay heaven caused such a miraculous and terrifying thing.Even though it all felt like a dream, logically, I could see that it wasn’t. That everything about Brandon Reed was real. But logic didn’t stop me from feeling an icy-cold wave of fear every time I thought about my heart and my body in his (very large) hands.Maybe inviting him to stay at my family’s house for the summer wasn’t the greatest idea I’ve ever had?Or maybe it was the best?BRANDON REEDI freakin’ loved college. Everything about it, minus the classes obviously. I loved being able to play rugby the ...
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