Roney Peer
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 425

Alice is hiding an unusual power, a power that she has to keep secret. In movies, this would make Alice a superhero, a principal character with a sparky trick up her sleeve. However, in the reality of office life, this power is proving to be a pain in the rear end.Alice gives out massive static shocks.Alright, this might not be the most spectacular gift, but it can fuse electrical circuits, cripple low life creeps on the underground and foil bank robberies.Giving out whopping bolts of electricity isn’t great for Alice’s social life either, so she’s stunned when a stranger notices her bravery and asks her out.She says no, of course.After all, how could she expect any man to put up with her painful caresses?However, to Alice’s surprise, this handsome millionaire persists and quick-steps her into a date…a date that begins to go horribly wrong.As Alice heads towards a run of disasters, her ...
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