Shona Thompson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 257

He was her chance at freedom; she was his way to revenge…Peigi, daughter of the notorious Sire, leader of the Black Stags, can’t continue living her life being thus mistreated. She never knew her father’s love, only his violence and cruelty. She has to flee, but first, she will make him pay for her new life…And suddenly she meets him, the man who takes her breath away…Hendry Dunbar was a scarred man who became a leader far too young. Now, he is a half-blind Laird, with a thirst for revenge for his parents’ death. His past actions, brought his clan to its knees, until a mysterious benefactor became the answer to his prayers.Being suspicious of anyone and everyone, Hendry closed off his gates until a lass asks for shelter. An unusual woman, who isn't repulsed by his deformity and comes to offer goodness and awake his passion.But Peigi has to refuse him to protect herself and Hendry from ...
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