Emma Dennis
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Love to eat out at Olive Garden, Cracker Barrel, or Applebee's? What if I tell you that you can cook all the great and tasty dishes from your favorite restaurants at home? Without fail? Without spending a lot of money? And without the huge amount of calories?You can. And I’ve prepared an exclusive tool kit to show you just how to do it.
We all love flavorsome food. But not many people can cook to restaurant standards. Until now.By following my recipes, you can become the best dinner host in your neighborhood. No more bland cuisine. No more burnt dishes. Just fantastic flavors your friends and family will adore.After more than two years of research and practice, I’ve put together the top recipes from the world’s most popular restaurants. All in an easy-to-follow format, so you can create heavenly dishes easily at home.Discover over 130 delicious recipes from world-famous ...
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