John Collins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 178

How to maximize your time without wasting time on productivity apps and to-do lists. Do you feel like you’re doing so much, yet you’re not getting anything done? Is your to-do list full of never-ending tasks that you never seem to be able to finish? Are you frustrated because you’re not achieving your goals no matter what you try? You’re not alone. In today’s world, everybody is always so busy and on-the-go, but when you ask them what they’ve accomplished in a day, they’d probably have a hard time giving you an answer. We spend an average of 40 hours a week in the office, 5 hours commuting, and the rest of the week taking care of family and personal needs, such as eating, bathing and sleeping. If you actually break down your daily activities hour by hour, you’ll probably see a lot of time spent on social media, playing video games, or doing random errands that don’t ...
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