Bill Parker
Publisher: Five Moons Publications
Pages: 177

I am he who stands at the center of Five Moons’ shadows. Clay of Earth, they did come in peace… or so they said. In peace, indeed, they came, but evil trailed behind them like a foul stench. It overcame their good intentions. It left the blood of four innocents on my hands. Clay of Earth, know this to the very core of you: yours were the people cast into the outer darkness because of the evil in their hearts“So it was that evil men had wrecked the starship Tesseract, built with Anoza technology, and killed its crew. To hide the evil that was done, they flew an unmarked ship into space docks intending to scrap it out.By the end of the Corporate War, Dallas Blake had lost everything: his wife, his daughter, his whole family. He was a man in need of far more than just a new beginning. What Dallas needed was a resurrection. Dallas went to the Union Fleet space docks to buy a war surplus ...
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